Jason's Web Page!

Hey! thanks for dropping in! I'm Jason Gouldo n, a cadet at the United States Air Forc e Academ y... as you can tell by the uniform.
I really love it here, but there definitely is one huge drawback...I sure do miss my dog:("

click here for another picture of my dog


That's me taking a break from our 4 hour hike down this mountain. We went up to Stanley Canyon with some of our freshmen to teach them about navigation, survival, and other assorted life saving tips that we learned last summer during a program called Combat Survival Training. It was really hard, but I sure did learn alot.

Yikes! that's cold!!!!

That's me in my Soquel highschool varsity jacket...Go Knights!

That's my car

That's mom, I love my mommy:)

Nice view , eh? I love the mountains.
Here's a little trivia for you: our altitude is 7,358 feet above sea level, far far above that of West Point or Annapolis :-)

You can also check out the Air Force Academy home page by clicking this. Check it out.

Please let me know that you've been here. Send me mail.

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